Infinity​ Fine Design

Event Design & Decor


​Our pricing is a rental fee per item unless otherwise specified.

This is a general guide, we will go over costs with you for your specific event.

Rental Rate + Installation + Retrieval + Damage Waiver + NJ Sales Tax = Total Cost

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Signage $5  - $10

Planters $40 - $80

Upolstered Benches $100 - $400

Architectural Pieces (Arbors & Backdrops) $150 - $400

Design Displays (Pedestals, Trunks, Barrels) $40 - $70

Bars with Lighting $250 - $450

Tabletop $8 - $40


Minimum rental rates do apply for certain areas. Minimums are based on location for delivery. These minimums are to be met before installation and retrieval fees, damage waiver, and taxes. 

- New Jersey: Minimum starting at $500 based on actual location

- Pennsylvania: Minimum starting at $1,000 based on actual location

- Will-Call / Pick-Up Orders: Minimum starting at $100 from our warehouse


We will discuss this at length when we go over your contract with you. We will deliver, install and retrieve our designs to your venue based on your needs for the date of your event. Our rates are based on mileage incurred, size and weight of items selected, time required by staff.

- New Jersey: Starting installation and retrieval fee: $200

- Pennsylvania: Starting installation and retrieval fee: $400


Life happens, as part of your package a mandadory, non-refundable 10% damage waiver is added for delivery orders. For every will-call/pick-up order, a 15% mandatory, non-refundable damage waiver is added. This waiver will cover the normal wear and tear of our designs such as scratches to paint or small stains on fabrics. This does not cover pieces not protected from inclement weather, breakage or damage due to gross negligence such as paint, markers, large stains that ruin a piece. If an item is damaged beyond repair we charge 4X the rental fee to replace the item to our inventory. If you have wedding insurance and can provide us with a certificate of insurance we will happily waive your waiver!


Sales tax is collected per NJ State Law for all rental items. If you have a tax-exempt certificate please provide this information at the time you sign your contract.


A retainer of 50% is due at time of contract. This will reserve the designs you want and secure them in our reservations database.  The remaining balance is due 14 days before the event.